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and that shows in every project we take on.

When you put your window and door installation project in our hands,
you will have complete confidence that your customer will be pleased with the results!

Our Process

At Northeast Trade Services, we take a holistic approach to the window and door installation process.
This means we look at the weight and the handling of the products as well as the technical aspects of integration into the home systems.

Water Management Matters

When properly panned, a window should have a functioning water management system. Many things can contribute to water and moisture infiltration – air, water, thermal or vapor generated from the interior and exterior of the building envelope. That’s why we’re very excited to introduce our new Air Barrier System to the installation process.

We spend a majority of our time preparing the opening to receive the products – ensuring that it is fully prepared for water management and mitigation. Post installation of the window or door all seams are taped, back dams are installed and rain screens are applied, which means the products installed can breathe at the bottom while keeping all of the moisture out.

What we do:

We provide window and door Installation, Performance Testing and Consultation Services to the Builder and Architectural community.

Installation includes:

  • Prep opening with a pan system 
  • Tape rough opening 
  • Install windows 
  • Shim windows 
  • Tape exterior of window 
  • Install air barrier system for interior
    (using backer rod, spray foam and interior tape) 

Commitment + Craftsmanship

Northeast Trade Solutions offers full-service window and door installation packages. That means that your team will not need to spend time on complex installations, and you won’t need to worry about how the work is getting done.

Through our holistic approach to the window and installation process, we look at the weight and the handling of the products as well as the technical aspects of integration into the home systems – seamlessly bringing the art and science of a beautiful project together for  homeowners who will be delighted with the results.

Don’t leave your window and door installation to chance
Trust the installation experts

As a trusted partner in your window and door project, Northeast Trade Services is ready to partner on projects throughout the Northeast and beyond. We are on the job site doing the installation work, so you can focus on the other aspects of your project with complete confidence that the windows and doors are being handled by experts.